Wed, Apr 25, 2018

State of Western Australia Murders Dusanka Zarev and Fabricates Coroner's Report

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Dusanka Zarev Malnourished

In a massive revelation, Helen Pindar (TM53) of the State of Western Australia's Public Tustee's Office has advised that the body of Dusanka Zarev, meant to be at the coroner for investigation, remained at a funeral director's premises in an email dated 8th February 2017. No contact had been made by Helen to the deceased's son Zare to find out the status of matters and instead Helen sought to compound the crime of murder by rushing the onset of a funeral in order to attempt to destroy any evidence proving murder.

On Dusanka's son receiving the coroner's report in early 2017, almost a year after her death on the 4th of May 2016 (a day prior to Dusanka's birthday), the deceased's son was refused access to speak to the coroner to discuss how the coroner came to their findings. The coroner's report conflicted with witnessed facts, including Dusanka's non-responsive nature the night prior to her death and malnourished state.

The Coroner's report came after an admission by Aegis Balmoral that Dusanka consented to 'certain actions' about a fortnight prior to her death, that she could not legally have consented to due to her diagnosed condition of dementia.

On the day of Dusanka's death Aegis Balmoral staff refused to allow her son access to her room or advise which nursing home she was taken to.

Earlier in the week prior to Dusanka's death her son was advised by Aegis Balmoral that his mother had stopped eating, forcing him to immediately call an ambulance at which time call-centre staff advised him they would ensure she was taken to the hospital. It was later evident that Aegis Balmoral denied access to the Ambulance.

It is believed that Aegis Balmoral profiteered from Dusanka's death in order to make the bed available to cover the costs of the new building that Dusanka had been placed in and failed to update her son of her condition until such time it was unlikely she could recover. After Dusanka had been transferred to the building in early 2016 she exhibited coughing following the demolition of the old aged-care facility next door.

The Public Advocate was advised of her deteriorating condition and met with her early in the year. After recovering a month later, Aegis Balmoral failed to advise the Public Advocate of her improvement so the Public Advocate proceeded with initiating Palliative Care without visiting her again to confirm that it was necessary, resulting in the murder of Dusanka Zarev.

The public are cautioned from using the services of Aegis Balmoral, The WA Public Advocate and The WA Public Trustee.

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